We have considerably improved : Onkar Singh (Secretary General, CFI).

1) How many editions of this event have been held so far sir?

This is the 37th edition of Asian Championship.

2) Why is it being held in India this time, is it rotation of hosting countries?

The Asian Championship is on allotment basis. We had made a bid in the Asian Cycling Confederation’s meeting and so was allotted.

3) How many countries are taking part?

20 Asian countries including India.

4) Is this the first time India is hosting this eve?

This is the second time, first was  in 2013.

5) Who are the defending champions in the different races in this championship?

  There is no such defending champion as such because this championship is event based.

6) Now, please tell us about the future of the sport of cycling in India.  

India has considerably improved upon its standard. When we took over the Federation our ranking was lowly placed around 150th in the world. Now after six years of continuous training today our junior team is ranked No 1 in team sprint and our Senior Cyclist Deborah is ranked 6th in the World in Time trial event. Whereas another few cyclist are ranked within first fifteen in the world.

7) How is the Federation going about developing the sport all over the country?

Beside other measures we have opened up An International Cycling academy in partnership with SAI and UCI at Cycling indoor Stadium at new Delhi.

8) How many state Associations are really active?

We have 22 States affiliated to the federation whereas more than half are very active and four Boards who are working very well.

9) For the forthcoming Asian event what is the infrastructure needed, and what has the Federation done to meet the requirement?

The Indoor Cycling Velodrome is one of the finest cycling tracks in the World and Federation has the capacity and capability to organize such events.

10) How is it that a major sporting city like Chennai does not have a velodrome facility… there is world class infrastructure here for many sports…?

A new velodrome has been built in Chennai by the State Government which is nearly complete.

11) What are the states where cycling sport is doing well…Are there enough professional coaches in the country?

Kerala, Andaman’s, Assam, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Haryana are the leading states in cycling.

12) What about cycles?

Cycles are very expensive but these states have sufficient no of cycles While in the Academy at New Delhi has more than 120 bicycles.

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